Curly Mini Pony Hengst für die Zucht von Curly Miniaturpferden und Curly Ponys

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Dream Curly Horses Norway
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3 Jahr(e)




97 cm





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IN NORWAY - WILL HELP ARRANGE TRANSPORT ANYWHERE IN EUROPE - SPECIAL PRICE TRANSPORT POSSIBLE IN DECEMBER *** This stallion is ready for his new home and will be happy to service your little mares next breeding season. He is registered, chipped, passport, DNA typed, full genetic panel done. *** Quite unique chance to get a registered mini curly stallion in Europe. Lots of Miniature blood in this one. He has wonderful winter curls. *Connecticut Dream, 2015 curly/miniature colt for sale in Europe. ICHO 2025-D. Currently approx. 97 cm tall. One of the smallest curlies in Europe and a rare find. Tight curly coat. *** "Cutty" looks like a big horse in miniature size. OBS, he is much smaller and more refined built than it may appear in the pictures. *** Cutty loves the ladies and would like to have his own little herd as soon as possible. He is chestnut and tested negative for silver, so is a good partner for your little silver mares. He also is negative for all spotted genes and agouti, so here you have a stallion that you can breed any colour from, the mare’s genes will decide the colour of the foal. *** Tested negative for all the diseases in the ICHO gene test panel. Tested homozygous for the curiosity gene and is not afraid of anything. As a gelding and with appropriate training he will become a supreme therapy horse. I think the ideal home would be a breeder to utilize his unique genes for a couple of years, then geld and train him. He has had some training with harness and has no reaction to harness, reins, saddle etc. He is not afraid of cars. *** Sire is approved for breeding in the Danish Miniature Association with the scores: 9-8-8-7-8-7-5-7-7-8 and Stallion of the Year-award. Dam has a 2nd Premium grade in Norway with the scores 8-8-8-8-8-8-9 and approved driving test. 3 of 4 grandparents imported from America. *** Can be seen in Norway. We'll pick you up at Oslo-Sandefjord airport or the airport train from Oslo-Gardermoen. I can help arrange export papers and transport to anywhere in Europe. I have exported 25 foals/curlies to all over Europe. *** TERMS: €2000 at time of acquisition, then we co-own him and you pay for each live foals he sires: €500 per curly foal and €250 per smooth coated foal untill you have paid €2000 more (total €4000), then you will fully own the horse. Contact me for more details. *** OBS! This is a stallion and will not be sold as a childrens pony. Will suit well as a driving pony for an adult. He has NOT been ridden and is generally too small to be a riding pony, but may become a lead line pony for very small and lightweight children later as a gelding. *** Contact me at or +4793803906. *** Wir sprechen Englisch, Deutsch, Niederländisch, Skandinavisch.

Curly Mini Pony Hengst für die Zucht von Curly Miniaturpferden und Curly Ponys


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